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أَلَا يَعْلَمُ مَنْ خَلَقَ وَهُوَ اللَّطِيفُ الْخَبِيرُ Does He who created not know, while He is the Subtle, the Acquainted? (67:14)

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Why I left Islam – Core Issues

These are the main issues I found with Islam.  If you want to understand the real problems I found, start here.


Dialogues and discussions I had after leaving Islam.  Some thoughts


These are not why I left Islam.  They are reflections after leaving Islam.  Keep in mind that even if I was completely wrong about every single one of these, it would not make me come back to Islam.  As a Secular Humanist, I find these to be troubling issues we find and they seem to show that Allah is not the intelligent supreme being that sent us a beautiful wise religion but rather a 7th century invention with barbaric rules and orders that matched that early era but do not belong in today’s world.


Sometimes history is not what it seems

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“Change your name you aren’t Muslim anymore”

One of the most personal and recognizable parts of your identity is your name. From the moment you are a child until the moment you die, you are referred to by your name. Yet strangely, for most of us, we did not choose our name. Our parents gave us our names and yet most of us accept this wholeheartedly.

Are names the exclusive property of religions? This post will discuss one of the most common things Exmuslims are told: “Change your name you aren’t Muslim anymore”


A Brief Look at Islam and Sharia

By GotReason and Yahya Omar

“It’s culture, not religion” is a phrase often used to explain away problematic practices common in Muslim countries and communities. Sharia is Islamic law that has influenced societies with different languages, cultures, histories, and interpretations of Islam. In the face of a worrisome incident, many Muslims believe that Islam has been misinterpreted, while others believe it agreeable to Islamic teachings. Is it accurate to say that the negative aspects of Sharia are not based on Islamic teachings, that the negative influences are primarily external to religion?


Why banning interest is bad for Muslims

One of the strangest oddities in Islam is that Islam bans interest, both receiving and paying it.  Prophet Muhammad probably took this rule from Judaism and continued it in Islam.  He may have seen some harms caused by interest and decided to ban it outright, or maybe he wanted to add more credence and legitimacy to his religion by taking laws from Judaism.  Either way, banning interest has led to many Muslims suffering and struggling their entire lives, living in mediocrity rather than excelling and building capital for their families.  I am arguing here that Islam is bad for humanity, and in particular, this rule of forbidding interest is bad for humanity and harms Muslims that follow it.  I will give actual financial numbers to show that interest actually can be beneficial, especially when it comes to renting vs. owning.


Interview with Pakistani Ex Muslim Abdul Hannan

Just had a GREAT live discussion with Abdul Hannan. He really spoke from his heart, almost in tears sometimes, about how he wished Muslims could know what he now knew. He also presented some arguments as to why he no longer believes in the religion.
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• Background and history
• Similarities between our stories
• How he left Islam
• Hell and the idea of it
• Family members – reaction from them
• What he believes now (God or no God)
• Death threats/reactions from Muslims
• Topic of Islam – Quran variants
• Alcohol, bacon, etc
• His opinion of Muhammad before and after leaving Islam
• Current state of Muslims, political issues (Saudi, Shia, Sunni)
• Why he is public and motivated to speak about this

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