How Ali Dawah challenged Abdullah Sameer to a debate then ran away

Ali Dawah (of Twerking Hijabi fame) is a person who loves to pick on easy targets, especially women.  He also has videos where he mocks and ridicules the personal stories of ExMuslims who had tough childhoods or difficult situations that led them to leave Islam.  He also challenges people into debates and if they agree he backs out like a coward as is shown here.  This is what happened between Ali Dawah and Abdullah Sameer..


Ali is known for picking on women especially:

He also likes to attack ExMuslims, calling them “Fake” and “You were never really Muslim anyway”.  I jumped in to this conversation where he was calling everyone a Fake Exmuslim

So then after calling me a fake one as well, Ali Dawah challenges me to come to UK

Then after I explain I can’t come, he says lets do a Skype debate.

I explain and keep explaining that it’s better he respond to my points that I’ve already made online

We then have a private discussion in twitter direct messages about the possibility of having a dialog. I again explain to him that unless he’s already reviewed my material its a waste of time.

Ali Dawah threatens to expose me for “running away”

He then calls me a liar and says he will “expose our messages for people to see how I’m running away

He then posts our private discussion in public:

Click for details:

Then he calls me a liar who “deserved to be exposed”

I agree to the debate

Then I finally get tired of all the harassment and said I will do it:

Ali chickens out

He suddenly backs out, citing the reason as “I am seeking attention” and he won’t do it until I have 100,000 subscribers (like he does).

Ali blocks me

Finally, as a complete final show of cowardice he blocks me:

What does this show?  Ali Dawah is a bully, he aggressively pushes people into situations.  He picks on people that cannot respond and when someone is able to respond, he runs away like a chicken with his head cut off.  He also exposes private conversations without permission. I hope this shows you what kind of person he is.

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You can find Ali at @AliDawow

2 thoughts on “How Ali Dawah challenged Abdullah Sameer to a debate then ran away

  1. This is EXACTLY what Hamza Tzortzis did with me. Offered to pay for travel etc, when I finally agreed he backed out.

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