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Dear friends and supporters,

I have spent many hours working on my blog and videos. Making videos is not cheap. It comes with a huge time investment and equipment needed. In total I have purchased hundreds of dollars of software licenses (Adobe Premiere CS), microphone and camera and lighting equipment and all that jazz.

Since I have personally put in my own money all along, I am now going to ask you to support me by subtitling my videos.


My YouTube is intentionally NOT monetized, and I purposely don’t have a Patreon creator account. While I wouldn’t mind being able to hire others to help do some of the grunt work in video editing, translating and so on, I want to keep my motives clean and pure for everyone to see. There is no financial incentive for me in the work I do and I want to keep it that way for the maximum benefit

It’s pure fesabillilah! For Allah’s sake! Actually, its for the love of humanity rather and wanting to make the world a better place.

But do support me, share my content far and wide and let’s help people wake up from the haze of Islam and into the clarity of enlightenment and reason!

How to contribute subtitles…

You can do this anonymously or you can credit your YouTube username. Also, you don’t have to do the whole video.  You can do part of it and leave it for others to finish.

Step 1 – Go to the Youtube subtitle page for my channel

Step 2 – Click on “Contribute” on the video you want to help with

Step 3a – Optional – Click on Title & description

If you can do a short translation of the title and description, this would help.

Step 3b –

Click on Subtitles/CC

Click on Switch language

Step 3b – Decide if you want to credit your Youtube Account

Step 4 – Translate!

Step 5 – Submit contribution

Step 6 – Select if its complete or still needs more work



Here’s the link again – Thank you again for helping subtitle my videos and for spreading enlightenment and reason all over the world!


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