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Why I left Islam – Core Issues

These are the main issues I found with Islam.  If you want to understand the real problems I found, start here.


Dialogues and discussions I had after leaving Islam.  Some thoughts


These are not why I left Islam.  They are reflections after leaving Islam.  Keep in mind that even if I was completely wrong about every single one of these, it would not make me come back to Islam.  As a Secular Humanist, I find these to be troubling issues we find and they seem to show that Allah is not the intelligent supreme being that sent us a beautiful wise religion but rather a 7th century invention with barbaric rules and orders that matched that early era but do not belong in today’s world.


Sometimes history is not what it seems

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  1. Sameer,

    You don’t know me but I’m a Muslim convert and I accepted Islam in or about the same time your site came out. I went through a few laptops with lightupon…com favorited. I’m saddened to see the direction. In any case, I would advise you to read and ponder on some of the more basic books on the deen. Verily, bro, the prophet spent nearly a decade of the dawah initially nuturing his companions with the fundamentals( belief in Allah, Messenger, last day, angels, etc) before getting into things like marriage, rulership, travel, business, etc. In any case, I would advise you read these books if you haven’t already done so. So, yes, I would more than love for you to come back but if unsuccessful then I thank Allah for any situation.

    recommended books

    Important lessons for the muslim ummah by shaykh abdulaziz bin baz

    1. if muslim said quraan is complete book ,thn why r you ask to read basic book of din, basic book writen by humn not by god

  2. Hi

    Really interesting blog. I wonder in your journey away from Islam did you ever consider Quran only Islam, that’s Islam without the hadith? Solves many (not all) of the problems you list in this post if you ignore the hadith (which Quran tells us to do, 7:185, 31:6, 45:6, or just look up any instance of the word “hadith” in the Quran itself)

    1. ‘… did you ever consider koran only Islam, that’s islam without the hadith? Solves many of the problems’…

      That’s just great isn’t it?. So you only use ‘hadith’ when it suits your pet arguments? That’s like a general saying to Hitler – ‘did you ever consider only listening to reports about the war’s progress from the Minstry of Propaganda?’

      When it gets to the stage that people should hear and read only that which reinforces their own preconceptions – then you have a massively closed mind. How is change or progression possible with such an attitude? If everyone thought like that – the world would be living in something like 7th century arabia,

  3. Welcome to Atheism/Agnosticism bro. When i lost my faith from Islam (i learned whole quran by hearth and was Imam) 20 years ago i felt i am alone in the world. Today, thanks of online communities, i have thousand of online friends and plenty of ex-muslim Athiest friends in real life too

  4. This entire blog is a platform for a elementary atheist arguments against Islam. These arguement are not sophisticated and, quite frankly, are a waste of time for any serious student. Good luck with your pseudo-intellectualism.

  5. Hey Abdullah

    I saw few of your vedios, looks like you have and still you are doing lot of research on Islam and Prophet Muhammad. But what do you say to the direct prophecies mentioned about Prophet Mohammed in all Major religious scriptures in the world.

  6. It’s heart-warming to see more and more ex-muslims. It’s good to see how much hard work you do in explanations and comments. You no doubt feel a bit guilty in having assisted so many with your islamic material ?

    What’s also sorely needed are ex-muslims to go on MSM who can speak English and other languages because there’s a problem in the west with this. I don’t understand it myself but it’s like a lot of media outlets, especially a bit left don’t dare let ex-muslims express themselves. As if they’ll get accused of islamophobia or anti islam practises ! It’s really only ex-muslims who can explain islam the best, or at least those who are specialists and critics.

  7. Listening to your reasons and reading your articles as to why you left islam, I to conclude that you overestimated your intelligence and ended up being lost. I hope you don’t take it as personal attack as that is not the intention, but only what I personally think. I will only mention 2 points you made and there is no particular reason as to why I chose them, just a random pick.

    1- you have a problem with the sky being without pilers mentioned and think its a 7th century way of explaining things. As an adanced intelligent being, create a roof not extending everywhere you can ever go and standing without pilers, but just small roof standing by its self. If its science that made the current sky, why aren’t there other mini ones under it developed naturally over time and why is it perfect for this long?

    2- Lol @ Google map covering the whole world and just because its missing where goog & magoog are, mate let me tell that Google hasn’t even covered the whole of dubia let alone where these creatures are. A challenge, I want you to locate bakara rd in mogadishu somali, the biggest rd in the capita or bole rd in ethopia, madenat marwa rd in Egypt.

    You want challenge the creator on his creation because the created impressed you with little things beyond your comprehension.

    I honestly think it will help your intelligence if you study the quran and hadith throughly so you can prove it wrong and you will have a strong ground to stand on unless you have been bought.

    END of the world SURVIVE! Where is the logic here let alone make any sense.

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