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019 – How to Engage With Muslims (Abdullah Sameer on The Secular Jihadists)

I was on the “Secular Jihadists” podcast October 4, 2018 with Armin Nabavi and Ali Rizvi. The topic was “How to discuss with Muslims” Abdullah Sameer is an increasingly popular and influential atheist writer and YouTuber who was once a very religious Muslim. He preached Islam for fifteen years and founded popular Islamic websites like...

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018 – Stop Hatin’

The need for genuine dialogue between Muslims and Exmuslims with Abdullah Gondal, Abdullah Sameer and special Muslim guest Aziz on the importance of being respectful, tolerant, and some of the hot questions like “Why is slavery in the Quran” or “Can alcohol ever be permitted?”  

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017 – Glitches in the Matrix

Thoughts & Ideas Episode 2 – When things sometimes pop out of you and make you wonder if reality is the way you thought it is.    

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016 – Thoughts & Ideas Episode 1

Testimonies, Muhammad and Aisha, Honesty and Nuance in Discussing Islam, Chinese and Burma Human Rights Issues  

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015 – Losing My Religion. Why is Islam losing so many people?

I’m going to be talking to Murad from Australia about the Apostasy Tsunami sweeping across Islamic communities and why so many are leaving or doubting the faith. He left Islam 20 years ago and is currently writing a novel set in a parallel universe where Musaylimah became the Messenger of God and defeated Muhammad’s forces...

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014 – Was the Quran Preserved?

Was the Quran Preserved. An analysis from earliest sources including the oldest manuscripts, hadith literature, tafsir, abrogation, the satanic verses incident Bookmarks: 18:15 The Sanaa Quran 32:30 The Samarkand Quran 44:10 Variants in the Modern Quran 1:14:20 Abrogations and missing verses 2:16:17 The Satanic Verses Download PDF Here

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