40+ Testimonies

Here are some testimonies of people from all over the world who I played a small or big part in helping leave Islam.   Since the majority of people will never reach out to me and say thanks, the real number who have left Islam from my work must be much more.  Sharing these messages helps dismantle the impenetrable hold that religion holds on others.  Once people see others leaving, they feel more comfortable questioning.  Also this shows that we CAN make a difference!

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  1. An exmuslim friend ran into someone else who said she left Islam because of me. Small world!
  2. Another happy free soul from Somalia
  3. Thank you all the way from Gambia!
  4. So inspiring. This young man is a hafiz in Pakistan, thought I was some agent or crazy guy, and then over a year after that he decided to research for himself and leave Islam. Hearts are turning! Minds are opening. The future looks bright! Artemis Akbar!
  5. Another Pakistani
  6. This 18 year old young adult found freedom from the guilt and shame of religion. The constant worry of not being pious enough used to cause unnecessary depression and anxiety. He found my videos super helpful and I am happy to be of use to him. Welcome to your newfound freedom!
  7. Another life saved! This Somali American gives thanks. Instead of being in an arranged marriage with a woman who he was not happy with, and surely she would not be happy with a man pretending he was straight, he is happy now, able to to be authentic with his sexuality
  8. 17 year old Indian thanks and me for helping him and others leave Islam while at the same time Muslims in his hometown of Kerala are becoming more religious and kids even arrested for trying to join ISIS.
  9. Received a thank you note from a Malaysian exmuslim who is now comfortable being atheist now after watching my stuff! Also, he did a social experiment with Muslims playing Surah Fa Qaaf and they didn’t notice it wasn’t Quran!
  10. Another message of thanks from Karachi for opening his eyes and eventually helping him see through Islam Full message here:
  11. Another thank you note from an 18 year old Pakistani from a Deobandi family. Welcome to enlightenment my friend!
  12. Just received this thank you note from a Pakistani from a sufi background. Not posted for privacy reasons.
    — no image —
  13. 17 year old Bengali in UK shares how helpful my videos are. He has now left Islam.
  14. I just found out my Gay Muslim friend who I was speaking to for about a year has finally left Islam! Looking at my chat log there’s probably over 100 messages in there if not 500 SO HAPPY for him! Freedom to love another man! Guilt free sex!

  15. 25 year old from Texas tried for 5 years to save his religion and my work helped him to finally be at peace with his decision to leave Islam.
  16. Another thank you note for a pakistani teenager who said I changed his life for the better! Welcome to enlightenment and freedom my friend!
  17. Another thanks from Pakistan
  18. My friend Yahya who was born and raised in Saudi told me how my videos helped him to see the light: 🙂 Surprisingly it all started with the concept of free will!
  19. This young man from Pakistan has been following us for some time now. In the beginning he was angry at Abdullah Gondal, but now he’s thankful and eager to learn more now that his mind has opened up to the truth that Islam is false
  20. Another fellow in Pakistan said:
    Thanks a lot for making me realize the truth and freeing my mind from the prison of faith. I would love to like and comment on the page but i cant as i have people added on here. I feel ashamed that i live in a country where there are things like blasphemy laws. I hope it changes one day.
  21. Ahmed also says thanks
  22. An American Muslim convert who was serious devoted Muslim for 5 years left Islam after reading my blog. 
     He was atheist before he became Muslim and now he’s agnostic. I’m humbled. He is number 23 who contacted me directly.
  23. Firestarter on youtube says I’m one of the people who left Islam because of me
  24. Amitanshu Bose from India writes:
    I want to thank you Abdullah !
    Your videos have helped me leave islam.
    I was born in a Hindu family … Later I converted to islam ….. After seeing the videos of you explaining the true islam …. I quit Islam and now an atheist. Thank you very much Abdullah .. for helping me Thanks Amitanshu
  25. An anonymous individual writes:
    In January 2018 I saw your videos, watched it for few weeks and decided to leave islam.
    I’m really grateful to you for your work. You know, I firstly watched some videos from Sam Harris and it made me thinking, then I stumbled upon your video about leaving islam, and I was still little sceptic, but then I went through rest of your videos and it really shook me up. It wasn’t an easy decision, but now I know I’m 100% right. Later on I went through Masked Arab, Introverted smiles and even David Wood’s videos and there is so much evidences for falsity of islam that I’m kinda ashamed I’ve ever been muslim.
    Even my family doesn’t know about this. You are third person I’m telling this.
  26. An email received:
    ” Basically, I’m 14 and a year ago I started questioning the legitimacy of islam. Ironically, it was the hijab that made me question everything. For a while i hung on to the scientific miracles/proof in the verses but some were too vague enough for me to completely believe in. I was in such a conflict with my religion and read so many biased websites that were for and against Islam. Soon enough, I found your site and it really was a great discovery. I didn’t want to have doubts about islam since im growing up in a majority muslim populated area and all my friends are Muslim too (also, hello fellow Canadian). I was looking for logical answers to the verses and it was hard to find a site where most of my doubts would be answered somewhat fairly. That’s when I found your website and it really pushed me to question everything even more. So thank you for confirming my beliefs and allowing me some peace of mind lol. For now I’d consider myself agnostic 🙂 “
  27. Another individual who asked me not to give more details about him:
  28. Tahir writes:
  29. NirAllah is a Malaysian Hafizah (someone who memorized the Quran entirely).  She knows multiple Qira’at (Variant readings of the Quran).  She wrote: Your videos made me who i am today, big thanks, Abdullah. I highly support your work sir. I must say one of my favorite videos is the Surah FaQaf. It is both hilarious and amazing. Do include this in your testimony. It does in fact sounds like the Quran!   If it was true that the Quran is of high eloquence, the Companions wouldn’t have a big time collecting and editing the verses during 4 caliphates’ days. Even Umar seems baffled by some ‘additional verses’ Ubayy bin Ka’b told him. These all were recorded in the hadith. Truth to be told, the event of collecting the Quran was a  shady one. In short, Quran is of no high eloquence. Reciting Abbasid Era poems is more pleasurable than the Quran.
  30. I received the following thank you note from a Pakistani Canadian who ran into my videos by mistake and who found them enlightening. Shared with permission:
    Hey bud,
    I came across your videos on YouTube by accident.
    I’ve had free time lately and been wasting time watching useless videos on YouTube.
    I’ve had so many questions that have gone unanswered over the years about Islam (I was born into an Islamic family in Pakistan. Been in Canada for over 30 years now). There is so much that I have fought with internally because it doesn’t make sense.
    I am grateful of you and others like you who have answered these questions for me. Unlike you I cannot take the leap but the doubts are adding up. I feel guilty to even think about moving away from the religion.
    One of the most shocking things I’ve learned from you is about the different versions of the Qur’an currently available. This has affected me more than anything else I’ve learned lately.
    I will continue supporting you in any way I am able. Not sure if you read these messages or you have an assistant that reads and forwards them to you. I am sure you are a very busy person. So, thank you…
  31. A 20-something year old Canadian from a Pakistani background sent me this note:
  32. Hey everyone. Thank you for all the support! I was mentioned in the Austrian Magazine Datum
    This is the story of a girl who converted to Islam and then was able to leave it and begin a new chapter in her life.
    It mentions me by name: “The author recommends the blog of Abdullah Sameer. The ex-Muslim was for Alina an important inspiration for the exit.” Thanks for all your support!
  33. Two subscribers on my YouTube channel on live chat:

Number 38
Number 39

Number 40 – Made me doubt Islam

Number 41
Email received July 2018: Hey Abdullah Sameer,
My name is — and I am a pakistani American. I just wanted to say that your videos are amazing. I grew up in a conservative religious household and was indoctrinated with Islam from childhood. However, I began to question my faith from around the time I was in college and I read Richard Dawkins “The God Delusion”. 
That book sealed the deal for me. However, it wasn’t particularly focused on Islam. Once I stumbled upon your channel and began to watch your videos, I realized how ridiculous and STUPID Islamic ideas are. 
Iv’e watched pretty much all of your videos and I just wanted to tell you to PLEASE continue what you are doing. I would also love to see you in some debates with some Muslims (although I don’t think that’s gonna happen cause they’re too scared to debate you lol)
Anyway, thanks for putting out great content and I commend and applaud your courage!
Take care.

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