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I’m Abdullah Sameer and I’m making videos and blog posts for the rationality and enlightenment of the Muslim world. My videos and articles are on the topic of Islam, secularism, apostasy, and freedom from religion.

Why should you support me?

I have created response videos to scholars such as Noman Ali Khan and apologists like Muhammad Hijab and Ali Dawah. I have written about topics in detail such as the so called Mathematical miracle in the Quran, embryology in the Quran, Divorce in Islam and more. I have made animated videos on the harm of Quran memorization on children and Would You Marry Your Adopted Son’s Exwife?.

What do I need the money for?

  1. Video software – Premiere Pro costs $30/month, Vyond is $80/month
  2. Web hosting – Approximately $20/month
  3. Advertising – I have spent over $1500 to get this content advertised on Facebook in Pakistan and the Middle East.
  4. Would love to hire someone to help me with video editing and subtitling.  Right now I have to do everything myself.

Each video takes a minimum of 10 hours to make, sometimes as much as 40-80 hours.

I also have a fulltime job, and I am a husband and have five kids.  Making videos and writing articles takes a lot of time and your financial support will ease the burden.

How are your results?

Through my efforts I have helped many to leave Islam.

30 testimonies and counting!

I regularly hear from people who thank me for helping them and I know there are hundreds more who haven’t contacted me.

I know you want to speak up, to shout out loud that Islam is false, but I also know you cannot all do this, due to your personal situation. Maybe because you will be disowned or kicked out or maybe even worse. Some of you aren’t exmuslims or familiar with doctrine to the same level or comfortable or have time to challenge others and speak about it. I do, I am willing to take on this cause.

With your help I will continue to speak about enlightenment and spread goodness and rationality in our world. I will challenge the Islamic doctrine at its strongest and speak about freedom from religion.

I will be your voice, the voice of reason. The voice that stands against bigotry in the Quran and Sunnah while standing for the human rights of our fellow humans.

Making high quality video content and articles takes an immense amount of effort, especially for someone who already has a full time job and a family to care for.

I have never asked for money to do this, because I love doing it. But making high quality content requires a full team. You can be part of that team. You can help me to get this message out to a larger audience.

It’s only because of you that I got to where I am now. I love doing this and I want to do more.

If you can support me I would be forever thankful.

If you can’t afford to support me financially, you can always share my content with others and support me in other ways like contributing subtitles

Because of you, we will make a change in the world together. We will give people their lives back who had it taken away because of religion.

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Thank you, and let’s change the world together!