How Mohammed Hijab Used My Former Friend to Slander My Wife and I.

Mohammed Hijab, in his desperate attempt to discredit me and poison the well, has gone to  new low of using Muslims who knew me to slander me. This is not the first time this happened. Farid tried to get Imam Aarij Anwer to do the same. At least he stuck to faith issues. Hijab uploaded a video with a former friend of mine, Fayyazudin Ahmed Syed and he decided to speak about guess what? My personal family issues. Not my religious beliefs. Not my points, but my personal family issues.

You see, I had marital issues some years ago and I confided in Fayyaz whom I believed was my friend even though he was still a Muslim. He promised me that he would keep our discussion in confidence. Yet to our dismay, both Cheryl and I, he decided to divulge mixed up details from my conversation with him. Cheryl did not appreciate him mentioning our personal issues like this. Neither did I. For what? To make me look bad, right? Yet again Cheryl who is completely innocent is getting dragged into this, simply because she’s my wife.

This is so sad because its a lowering of the discourse. Young Muslims look up to Hijab and Ali Dawah. If these guys act like thugs, what example are they setting? After all that’s said and done, these guys only have personal attacks to add to the conversation.

One of the comments on the post by a Samantha Wise (probably a Muslim convert) said:

“How horrible is this man. Talking about other peoples private lives, finances and marriages. What the hell does he know about what happens in someone else’s home. And if he does know (for whatever reason), to put his secrets out there in public… So attack his arguments, not what he does in his private life.”

That is enough of a response right there. Enough said. This is not right. Go through my online content, both blog posts and videos. Did I ever personally attack my opponents? In July 2018 I made a video responding to Mohammad Hijab on The Deen Show on Wife beating. Didn’t make personal attacks. I stuck to demolishing his terrible arguments.

Who is Fayyaz? I don’t remember how I met Fayyaz but I believe it was at an Islamic seminar. We became friends because we were both into Islamic studies, and also Fayyaz wanted to change his careers and get into software, so we had that in common.

When you listen to this former friend of mine Fayyaz speak, you will notice several things.

1) He contradicts himself. Says I had no money yet apparently I was loaning him money.
2) He repeats pointless factoids what Mohammed Hijab said about me, things like “he has no muscles, he is a computer nerd”. So what? Does he look like the type of person to be complaining about others looks?
3) And most importantly, he projects his own desires onto me. He says “he has a white trophy wife” and “Why isn’t he having sex with lots of women? What kind of atheist is he?”, and oh does he ever go on and on about money. The things he complains about are the very things on the top of his mind. He probably thinks that’s what life is all about for people without god.

How is any of this relevant to the arguments I am making? And what kind of person does this to you after you helped them?

So he admits that I helped him out in his life. Basically in other words that I was a good person. Yet, despite this, he is about to backstab me. I’m going to show you some examples where I helped him. This was not a one time thing. Even after I left Islam, I helped Fayyaz repeatedly. Over and over again. I loaned him money. I helped him set up a business. I gave him advice on starting a YouTube channel and on technical investments like bitcoin. And even my wife was surprised that Fayyaz went and made this video. Not only did he not verify anything with my wife he mixed up a lot of the details. She wasn’t happy about that. And this guy claimed to be our friend.

You see this is what Islam can do to your brain. On one hand they claim that Muhammad was “al-Amin”, and that the non-Muslims were able to trust him with their secrets and money. That when he left for Madinah, he made sure all his obligations were taken care of and trusts returned to their owners.

Yet when its convenient, they drop that narrative and this big shot dawah man Hijab goes to Fayyaz and they slander me using my private family matters from 4 years ago. You see when they think you are an “enemy of Allah” all their morality goes out the window. All basic human decency gone. He told me that the things we would discuss would not be shared. But when it came down to it he backstabbed me and threw my wife and I under the bus by sharing our personal matters in public. As Samantha said in the Facebook post, “How horrible is this man”

It says in the Quran

“Let not the believers Take for friends or helpers Unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah: except by way of precaution, that ye may Guard yourselves from them. But Allah cautions you (To remember) Himself; for the final goal is to Allah.” (3:28)

In Salafism the hostility is even more emphasized. It’s very much an us vs. them mentality. Kafir vs Muslims. Believers vs. disbelievers.

The Quran says

“Muhammad is the messenger of Allah; and those who are with him are strong against Unbelievers, (but) compassionate amongst each other.”

This sort of super-tribal thinking is harmful to our world. It has no place. We are one humanity.

“With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil—that takes religion.”

– Attributed to Steven Weinberg.

As for not having a good understanding of Islam, I really don’t have any comment on that. My blog demonstrates you are wrong. But of course to these people, you can never know enough Islam to leave it. No matter how much you know. I know individuals who studied the original sources in Arabic and apostatized. People who went to University of Madinah and spoke to the shuyookh there to resolve their doubts but there was no good answers. People who read the Quran and Seerah in its original language. Who went to secondary and tertiary sources in Arabic that are not available in English. Yet I bet he’d say even they had a “weak understanding.”

Unlike Fayyaz, I’ve never complained about “being a visible minority.” As I said in my video about secularism in January 2017, I was always judged on merit, never on skin color or religion. I never felt that got in my way, even as a Muslim with a big beard. Fayyaz is projecting again. He feels insecure about this. Probably because he doesn’t even bother trimming his beard or trying to look decent. It just goes everywhere in all directions like a rats nest. And I was a fantastic developer, not a mediocre one. I was proud to be who I am. And I did well in life despite having a beard and being obviously Muslim. Because my work ethic shines through. Because of my intelligence and problem solving skills. Because of my communication, leadership, and persona. I’ve always got whatever salary I asked for, because I am a valuable asset to any organization and bring value to the team.

Seriously the claims made by Fayyaz were getting stupid stupid as the video progressed. I’m emasculated because I don’t have big strong muscles? Who are you to talk? Are you a big tough guy yourself Fayyaz? Is this how you judge if someone is a man now?

And as for not coming from a rich family, that’s a strength. We came to Canada with very little and through my hard work managed to get married young and provide for my family for the last 16 years. All on my own. Now that’s what you call a real man. Fayyaz is obsessed about money so that’s all he talks and complains about.

So it is clear that Fayyaz, a married guy with kids, is jealous of my wife or maybe wishes she wasn’t white. Fayyaz, please lower your gaze. Hasad (envy) is haram. It’s obvious you are infatuated with the idea of being with a white woman. And you are wrong. Even if Cheryl was black, brown, Chinese, or any other race I would still show her off the way I do now. It’s not about the color of her skin, its about the loving relationship.

How well I did with my investments has nothing to do with my wife. It was all about when I bought and sold the coins. What Fayyaz choses to talk about shows what occupies his brain. Money, white girls, and sex. He’s resentful that he didn’t have money to invest in bitcoin before it exploded. I had offered him a spot in an investment group I organized. Some of my investors converted $1000 into $20,000 or more. A few Muslim guys are now sitting on close to $100,000 in bitcoin. But he didn’t have money and was too scared. I hope everyone sees just how desperate and pathetic this is to blame this on my wife. I have no words.

When I left Islam, I had absolutely no financial issues. I was making more money than I’d ever made in my life. I bought my first house. I don’t know what the heck you are talking about, but you might want to do some self reflection here. Yet Fayyaz and hijab think this has something to do with my apostasy? You missed the plot. Completely.

Around 5:15 to 6:56 of the video is the worst part of this whole video. I’ve been married 16 years. That’s a lifetime and anyone that’s married for that long knows you cant be together that long with no issues. But what does it take for someone to betray you and share a personal situation that was supposed to be confidential? Fayyaz reached out at a vulnerable time to speak to me and advise me. Now 4 years later not only did he get the facts wrong, he shared details about our marriage issues back in 2016 that I trusted him with. He had no right to disclose any such details as to our separation and nature of our issues. That is for husband and wife to work out, not for you to broadcast on the internet, you slow thinking, dim witted attention seeking drama queen.

Seriously? You think I have an inferiority complex because “I’m not a strong man who has a lot of money”? What a load of horse manure. Of doo doo. You’ve got to be kidding me Fayyaz. If anything, I am confident about who I am. I have a highly credited degree at a top university here, I am successful in my career, provided for the 7 of us all on my own on top of lending you money over and over again, earning 6 figures, ran two large Islamic websites, and now a successful YouTube channel. Do you know what it takes to do that? It takes balls. And it takes balls to stand up to these attacks, to bullies like hijab and to low lives like you who take to slandering, personal attacks and divulging family matters.

He calls me a pansy and then says “oh my god, like really” just like a stereotypical pansy. Fayyaz, who are you kidding? Do you feel like a big man insulting me behind the camera like this? I dare you to say this to my face. I’m the pansy, I’m the weakling, yet YOU are the one who couldn’t learn to budget, to take care of your family’s financial needs, to live within your means so you had to keep asking me repeatedly over and over again to borrow money until I finally said no?

Fayyaz yet again projecting went on to wrongly assert that as an atheist  I must be chasing after women. I’m happy with my relationship. Just because you are a worthless individual who would chase pussy doesn’t mean that’s what we all want. And he contradicts himself, he says I’m feminine and then argues why don’t I shave my beard? Is the beard the property of Islam? I look better with beard, so I will keep it. That simple.

Another stupid claim they made was that I never criticized Ismailism but a quick internet search  will show that on my Light Upon Light blog I actually did write a blog post about Ismailism and why I thought it was false. I always wanted to do more on this topic. But Ismailism isn’t nearly as invasive a religion as Sunnism. You can be a practicing Ismaili and your life will barely be affected. Ismailism gives you a community and a leader, but doesn’t take over your life like Sunnism does. When you are Sunni, your entire life has to change. Everything from where you work (certain fields are haram), what you do in your free time, what you eat, who you marry, etc.. And unlike Ismailism, Sunni Islam is dangerous. It contains horrible ideas like jihad, blasphemy law and martyrdom. Ideas that have caused so much misery and death and need to be condemned and fought. Ismailism has other shit, not nearly as harmful, but doesn’t have any of THAT nasty dangerous shit. Its a feel good religion. In terms of harm, it barely registers on the radar compared to the misogyny hatred and bigotry in Sunni Islam. Sunni Islam (especially Salafism) messes with our world like nothing else. You have Sunni Muslims who will defend killing apostates, TO THIS day. There are Sunni Muslims who will defend child marriage and fight marriage reform. Because Muhammad supposedly married a child. That prevented countries like Sudan, Yemen, Pakistan and Saudi from progressing. You see, Islam is not the motherlode of bad ideas, but it sure contains a bucket load of it.

Apparently I have all that I have – my family, my house, friends, career – because of Islam. The same “friends” who backstab me despite all I did for you? “Friends” like Aarij who straight up lie why I left Islam to protect the religion? “Friends” who say “I cant help you move homes because you have a blog against Islam”? Muslim Friends of my wife who told her to leave me JUST because I was atheist? Friends who stopped talking to her because of how she asked them too many questions or doesn’t wear hijab? You lot are a worthless bunch. That’s one point against you.

As for my career, Islam did nothing for my career. My worldly success is a result of my intelligence and ability. I did well because I work hard and am smart. Islamic rules made me avoid certain industries – banking, insurance, finance. Did that help me? Hell no. That’s two points against you

I was only able to buy a home after leaving Islam. Islam prevented me from going and getting a mortgage because interest is haram. So I lost out on a few years of capital gains. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. That isn’t a positive. Three points against you.

How about my wife and kids? LMAO. I’m pretty sure non-Muslims have wives and kids too. That’s four points against you and Islam. Checkmate Fayyaz.

As for telling my brother I wasted 14 years? I don’t remember saying that. It would have been 15 years, not 14. I might have said it in some context of wasted energy or something but I don’t talk like this. I’m not the type of person who looks at life this way. All of it, ALL of it, even the shitty Islamic parts, made me who I am today. So I don’t regret it. I’m a person who is at peace with his life decisions. I don’t believe in free will. And I could never have helped as many people as I am able to now if I never converted to Sunnism and then left it. So how can I regret it? It is really a part of who I am.

As for the angry videos that you say I produce, I am curious which one exactly? My first one? Clearly you don’t watch my videos. If you did, you wouldn’t say this. My videos are calm, collected, and based on reason and evidence. I have a reputation for the type of content I have.
Watch my response to Noman Ali Khan or Mohammed Hijab. There’s no anger there. But I do take apart bad arguments like the one your Muslim scholars make. One by one. And unlike the madman Hijab who screams and spits like an unhinged maniac on video. Maybe you should consider the log in your own eye before pointing the spec in mine?

And finally, Hijab you are a worthless fool if you think slandering me is going to stop me or distract people from the problems in Islam. You are a pathetic person to use Muslims like this to backbite. Good people like Samantha will see right through you and your desperate attempts to poison the well.

Fayyaz, you are truly pathetic, after all that I did for you to do this to me. How can I ever trust Muslims after this? You lot claim to be the best nation, the ummatan wasata, the ones that follow the best man who ever lived, yet this is how you behave. Like bullies and thugs. Like nothing is below you when it comes to your enemies.

If anything, my apostasy is a testament to the type of man I am. I stood up for what I believed in. Despite the risk of losing my wife and my kids, I left Islam. Because I knew it was false. And I spoke about what I thought was right. Despite risk to losing my job due to Muslims trying to get me fired. Despite threats that I received for my life and safety. Not for personal vices like chasing women like Fayyaz thinks atheists should do. But to leave a legacy behind. Change the world. Speak out against what is wrong and stand up for what is true and right in the world. Use your voice for those who have no voice. For those accused of blasphemy in Pakistan or thrown in jail in Saudi. Fight for those who are silenced by brutal regimes and forced to veil and married off as children. Stand up against apostasy laws, extremism, and stand up for freedom of religion and conscience. This is what I will live for and die for. For a better world. One that I will be proud to leave for my kids.

This is your angry exmuslim Abdullah Sameer signing out. 🙂

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