011 – Hajj Talib, a Muslim Who Found Meditation

Hajj Talib is a friend of mine who I have known for several years. He is a convert to Islam for around 33 years, and recently went through a process of awakening. He had a tough childhood, going from a broken home with an abusive father to living in a foster home and learning to fight to survive. He is now an internationally recognized martial arts master, published author, mentor, seminar leader and public speaker, and is working on a book called “From Munich to Mecca.” Talib is widely traveled and studied and even taught Arabic. He used to work as a visiting imam in prisons in England.

Follow up video https://youtu.be/k1VVNMnGHO0

Audio Download: http://abdullahsameer.com/files/podcasts/11_Hajj_Talib_Interview.mp3

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