Month: July 2017

005 – Four atheists discuss live!

I have some guests with me yesterday!
IntrovertedSmiles, Rob, and StopSpamming from the Jinn And Tonic Show


004 – Abdullah on Jinn and Tonic Show

I was invited to the Jinn and Tonic Show!
We discuss my journey, Ali Dawah, debates, faith, leaving faith, and a few other things

The Jinn and Tonic Show – The Mystery of Valley Bakkah, Mecca, and the changing Qiblah – Part 2


003 Ex-Muslim Surprise AMA!

I answer questions from viewers. We discuss physics, the big bang, the beginning of the universe, fine tuning, exmuslims, existence of God, signs of the day of judgement, Muhammad’s messengership, quantum physics, arguments against Islam, drinking, hajj, the petra theory, why there’s life on Earth, should Islam be eliminated on Earth, foundation for morality, why do people hold on to religion, Jordan Peterson, pascals wager, related exmuslim channels, prayer, mufassil Islam, Imam Tawhidi and more


Limits of humanity
Creation myths of the world
Why is there something rather than nothing
Responding to the moral argument
– My ex-Ahmadiyya friend ReasonOnFaith

002 – Live with Farhan Qureshi

Join Farhan Qureshi , Hindu, ex-Muslim, freethinker, agnostic theist, eclectic, spiritual, mystic, universalist, perennialist…. author of where he presents human behavior, psychology, philosophy, spirituality and religion and Abdullah Sameer


001 – Live Discussion with Veedu Vidz on Atheism, Free Thought and more!

Live Discussion with Veedu Vidz on Atheism, Free Thought, the islamic state, identity politics, victim mentality, and more