Month: August 2017

010 – Pakistani Ex Muslim Abdullah Gondal

Just had a GREAT live discussion with Abdullah Gondal. He really spoke from his heart, almost in tears sometimes, about how he wished Muslims could know what he now knew. He also presented some arguments as to why he no longer believes in the religion.
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• Background and history
• Similarities between our stories
• How he left Islam
• Hell and the idea of it
• Family members – reaction from them
• What he believes now (God or no God)
• Death threats/reactions from Muslims
• Topic of Islam – Quran variants
• Alcohol, bacon, etc
• His opinion of Muhammad before and after leaving Islam
• Current state of Muslims, political issues (Saudi, Shia, Sunni)
• Why he is public and motivated to speak about this

009b – Design in Nature, Justice of Hell and God’s Existence

Going live to answer your questions and discuss Design in Nature, Justice of Hell and God’s Existence, morality, near death experiences and other stuff


009 – Islamic Morals vs Secular Morals

Ask your questions!
Topics discussed and links posted – Secular and Islamic morals, good and bad, Adoption, Quranists, Variant readings of the Quran, Scientific errors in the Quran, Muhammad’s wives, prayers dont work, Belief in hell / God anxiety, Christian god,

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Links posted in the chat:

Adoption and Zainab


Women, the Inferior Species in Islam

Prayers don’t help heart surgery patients

The Quran allows sex with prepubescent girls

Sex While Menstruating

muslims for secular democracy group:


008 – Did Muhammad kill innocents?

We had a great conversation on today’s jinn and tonic show. First question: Did Muhammad only kill those who deserved to die and only in self defense? About Islamic reform, and other things.


007 – Abdullah Interviewed on “Who Knew I was Right?” podcast

My latest interview is up! We discuss before/after islam, hajj, ismailism, sunni islam, hijab/niqab and other stuff!


006 – Q&A Sunday

I discuss islamic finance, polygamy, evolution, the quran and child marriage, marriage to aisha, the linguistic miracle of the Quran..

Creation myths:
Jesus in Islam:
A Surah like it:
Embryology in the Quran:
Reasons people convert to Islam:
Quran allows sex with young girls: