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013 – Discussion with Abdullah Gondal: Did Muhammad have Temporal Lobe Epilepsy?


– Muhammad had a very troubled childhood where he lost both his parents at an extremely tender age. This would have a deep and everlasting effect on a young mind. At a very young age Muhammad had his first hallucination. Two men allegedly held him and performed an open heart surgery in the middle of the desert.

What’s interesting is the reaction of Halima. The lady who took care of Muhammad as a young child had been told that Muhammad had a stroke. Halima herself believed that Muhammad had been possessed by a demon. No external entity could verify the alleged experience.
‎Ibn ishaq records the following on page 72
‎”His [Muhammad’s friend’s] father said to me, “I am afraid that this child has had a stroke, so take him back to his family before the result appears. ….. She [Muhammad’s mother] asked me what happened and gave me no peace until I told her. When she asked if I feared a demon had possessed him, I replied that I did.”

Even more profound is the fact Muhammad claimed to have had an almost identical experience once again just before the mairaj where his heart was opened up and angel Gabriel performed an open heart surgery. What for? Hallucinations aren’t supposed to make sense.

– Before Muhammad claimed prophethood, he claimed that he could hear stones praising him. A very strong auditory hallucination where inanimate objects talk to people.

This didn’t stop here. Muhammad went on to see mythical beings called Jins and that a tree informed him of them. Again an inanimate object is conversing or interacting with Muhammad.

It got worse when we are told a tree stump was crying like a baby because it missed Muhammad. Muhammad had to hug a tree stump. Just picture the final prophet of God hugging trees because they miss him and cry.

As his delusion continued Muhammad made statements that trees will talk to the believers and inform them of Jews hiding behind them.

At times he even heard pieces of food talk and believed in talking wolves and cows.

– Another very interesting incident is before prophethood Muhammad is helping people with the re construction of the kaabah. His uncle asks him to remove his lower garment and use it to aid in carrying the stones. Muhammad agrees but suddenly falls unconscious as his garment is taken off. His eyes rolled towards the sky and he woke up panicking about his garment.

– The first revelation highlights many key issues in understanding what really happened to Muhammad. An angel allegedly appeared and hugged/strangled Muhammad so hard that he could barely breathe. This went on for 3 times till Muhammad thought he is almost going to die. When having seizures people’s muscles stiffen up and they have a hard time breathing alongside elevated heart rates.

Ibn ishaq p#106 also adds that Muhammad awoke from sleep. This all could have been just a vision or a vivid dream. It also adds that Muhammads own first reaction to this was thinking he has either been possessed or gone crazy. Muhammad then became suicidal and tried jumping off mountains. He would go up a mountain but hear a voice saying he is the prophet of God. Then he would see Gabriel standing like a man covering the horizon. Note that Muhammad would turn and look at different parts of the sky and still see the same image. This is an indication that the image was generated and imposed by his brain hence it appeared wherever he looked. (See attached screenshot)

– Notice that the following narration mentions Muhammad’s neck muscles twitching with terror. Uncontrollable muscle movements is another effect of a seizure

– Interestingly Muhammad tells us that he hears ringing bells when he is about to receive a “revelation”. This is the most common precursor to seizures.

But what’s even more surprising is that bells are the instruments of Satan! Why would God make his messenger hear ringing bells as the Quran is being revealed. Who was Gabriel?

– Another thing to notice is during these Divine experiences Muhammad would have jittery teeth and lips. It sounded like a drone of bees by his face

At times the revelations made Muhammad sound like a snorting camel. Also they would cover his face out of respect.

The following narration shows his weird fast lip movements.

– While receiving revelations Muhammads color would change. At times his face would turn red and he would breathe heavily

– Visual hallucinations like a green screen covering the horizon.

-Cold sweats are another indication of a seizure as seen here. Muhammads forehead would get flooded with sweat.

– People with mental disorders suffer phases with loss of memory and hinderance to a few other cognitive faculties. Here Muhammad had “magic” cast on him to the point he would forget he had sex or not with his wives. The rest of the narration is as buzzare and superstitious one can get.

When we examine the Quran. We can clearly see that it’s a product of a very delusional mind. It sounds eloquent in places while disjointed in others. It jumps randomly from topic to topic and the book struggles to maintain any consistency. It is full of pointless repetitions. Has nothing original and mostly copies stories from Judaism, Christianity and Zorastrianism, with a few minor changes. It invokes magic and supernatural phenomenon for almost everything whilst making ridiculous statements that shooting stars are missiles shot at Satan. For some reason has very sadistic torture mentioned as depictions of hell like boiling oil being poured on people’s heads, making them drink boiling water and pus and putting iron hooks and chains on people. Coupled with Muhammads claims that he flew on a winged beast to meet God and split the moon in half, it becomes clear this is anything from God and Muhammad was delusional.

Indeed the infinitely wise chose to send his final ever revelation in a way that his prophet looks like a mental patient.



012 – Abdullah Gondal and Abdullah Sameer On Jinn and Tonic Show

We discuss debates, a Facebook group we got kicked out of, a surah like it, and   debate that was kaiboshed.