Month: September 2020

065 – Should Exmuslims Criticize Hinduism or Stick to Islam?

A discussion with ex-Muslim Hindu YouTuber @Farhan Qureshi  , ex-Muslim YouTuber @IntrovertedSmiles  , Mukunda of Meru Media (Hindu) to discuss bashing of Hinduism and was it appropriate.

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0:00 Introductions.
1:02 Abdullah’s understanding of Hinduism.
4:10 Farhan’s recap of the sexy kali controversy.
5:05 Mukunda’s recap of the controversy- is it free speech vs religion? Should you comment on issues if not well informed?
7:38 Farhan’s take on the controversy.
10:42 IntrovertedSmiles’s message to Hindus on how to react to controversy.
11:11 Differentiating between Hinduism and Hindutva and cautioning against lumping them together.
11:43 tribalism, Mukunda’s message on how to respond to people exercising free speech
12:30 Hindus drawing parallels between the sex Kali controversy and the BLM movement.
13:17 How the Hindus might be perceiving the controversy (applying historical context)
14:36 Farhan’s response to this charge.
17:13 Hinduism should not be granted special treatment or exempted from criticism and mockery
17:51 Quranic verse regarding ridiculing other idols, Mohammad desecrating idols and temples of other religions.
19:40 worldview that created modern atheism and how it is different from the open atheism in Hindu texts and traditions.
23:37 Ask for help from people who are well versed in a given text/subject. Abdullah shares an anecdote on quoting a portion of the Verda and what he learned from the experience.
25:33 What is the relationship between Hindus and their religious texts? Are the texts divinely inspired?
26:16 Farhan’s response (both from a personal and traditional perspective )
27:32 Mukunda’s response (different schools of thought and tradition in Hinduism including atheism)
31:00 currently there is no room for questioning people and skeptics in Islam although some regions are showing openness towards secularism.
33:40 How should people bypass the “reactionaries” when blaspheming against Hindu gods?
35:40 Why should Hinduism be granted the chance to explain context before people can criticize it?
39:16 How the free speech spaces are different for people in the west compared to Indians in India.
40:10 Thought process for blaspheming (Armin’s reasoning)
42:25 Was it okay to post the photo of the goddess Kali?
42:45 Farhan’s response (Silent majority vs reactionaries)
44:01 Proportionality in the response by the Hindus
44:50 Mukunda’s response
46:34 Why are Hindus largely for the desecration of the Quran but not their gods?
48:14 Is it just tribalism or there is more to the Hindu response? (Anti-muslim sentiments)
50:16 Can we make an equivalence of Hindutva and Islams or Salafism? (conservatism and nationalism)
53:12 Blasphemy and Free speech in India (court cases against Armin)
56:03 Article 295 (Anti-religious sentiment law in India)
57:48 Should we be worried by the online response or should we count on the silent majority for the safety of blasphemers.
1:01:25 Are Hindus offended by the blasphemer’s identity more than the intent of the person? (historical context).
1:04:01 Why cling on to the past? ( Ultranationalist sentiments)
1:05:36 How the current civil/ family law structuring might be contributing to the animus between Hindus and Muslims.
1:07:53 Context in which desecrating the Quran and blasphemy is a better form of protest
1:11:36 Farhan’s perspective on desecrating the Quran.
1:12:44 Creating spaces for reasonable criticism.
1:15:55 Farhan’s response to the argument of creating safe spaces for more criticism
1:19:37 Mukunda’s response
1:22:37 How this controversy exposed people’s bigotry
1:26:33 The need for “western type” of secularism in India, a brief history of Indian secularism.
1:28:42 Indian heritage inherently Hindu and hence the need to consider this as a historical aspect.
1:30:39 Announcements and guest youtube channel details.
1:33:55 Beef ban in India.
1:37:05 Antimuslim bigotry towards Uyghurs
1:40:43 Would you like to live in a Sharia state or under CCP?
1:41:20 What Darshanas are followed by Farhan and Mukunda?
1:42:30 Mukunda’s final remarks
1:42:45 IntrovertedSmiles final remarks
1:43:36 Farhan’s final remarks
1:44:30 Abdullah’s final remarks.

064 – Interview with Exmuslim Rosse (Fatally Honest) from Singapore

I interview Singapore exmuslim Rosse (Fatally Honest) on coming out to her parents, taking off hijab, leaving Islam, and her apostasy.

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063 – Interview with Exmuslim John DelVento Part 2

I interviewed John for the second time now. We spoke on a wide range of topics including Christianity vs Islam, his journey to Pakistan, bashing religion, the positive parts of Islam vs the negative parts, the bad things America has done, banning hijab, bigotry against Muslims, the Islamic golden age, Sufism, and the Hindutva who have been attacking us on Twitter online.

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Part 1 was Episode 59 (on Youtube as well)

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