Month: January 2021

082 – Interview with Pakistani Agnostic @bay yaqeen ​

 @bay yaqeen  is an Agnostic Muslim, originally from Pakistan, now living in USA. Been a Sunni Muslim for 40 years now an Agnostic Muslim. Married with 3 kids 8 10 and 13 discussing topics of religion and philosophy. especially Islam and the struggle of people who have doubts about their religion.

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Here are the time stamps for the interview:

0:00 Introductions.
0:47 What does the name Bay Yaqeen mean?
1:06 Muslims avoid discussing faith issues with apostates – The incident with the 5 “gladiators”.
5:04 Bay’s background.
6:35 The “You left Islam to sin” trope.
8:27 Bay’s appreciation of Abdullah’s YouTube content and activism.
12:36 Bay’s childhood in Pakistan and then later in Bahrain. Moving to the US for varsity.
15:16 The first time that Bay heard about Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha, the culture of owning sex slaves, and how it affected him. Bay’s first time encountering an apostate.
19:37 The turning point for Bay’s religious journey – having a tour of Jordan and Petra with Yasir Qadhi. How Bay tried to quell his doubts by “overdosing” on Islamic apologetics.
24:37 Shout out to ex-Muslims and atheists online content creators who provided material for Bay when he started having doubts.
26:20 Bay’s reaction when he started consuming competing content from Muslim apologists and apostates.
29:20 Muslim apologist’s arguments are hamstrung by the Quran.
32:18 Bay’s consultations with the Sheiks during the time he was having doubts and how he tried to use the Hajj to save his faith.
39:03 Starting a Facebook page as an outlet and how it snowballed into online activism.
41:41 Bay’s story continued – Visiting Sheiks to clear doubts on Islam.
47:10 The logical problems with prayer.
51:54 The “Islamophobe” tag as a way to evade legitimate criticism of Islam.
54:55 The fear of hell and indoctrination.
57:42 Phases that Bay went through as he was processing his loss of faith and apostasy. How to deal with Muslim family members who cherry-pick and quote small portions of religious texts without reading the whole text and understanding it.
1:06:46 The Quran (and other Abrahamic religions) divides humanity into believers and nonbelievers.
1:08:15 Racism and slavery in Islam.
1:10:29 How the Muslim society was very insular during the period of Muhammad. The flat earth theory in Islam and how widespread it is in Salafi Islam.
1:16:43 It is going to get hard to defend Islam as more scientific knowledge is revealed.
1:18:04 Some profound stuff that Bay learned from other prominent atheists.
1:25:00 Dealing with family members and spouses after apostatizing.
1:33:19 Channel announcements.
1:37:40 Responding to comments in the live chat.
1:38:35 Shout out to Urdu ex-Muslim content creators.
1:41:09 Final remarks.

081 – Interview with Arab Ex-Muslim Alaadin

Alaadin is a former Sunni who lived most of his life in Saudi Arabia. Went from being an enthusiastic, devout Muslim to helping ex-Muslims deal with leaving Islam.

YouTube version of this conversation:

His YouTube:



Here are the time stamps for our conversation:

0:00 Introductions and announcements.
1:40 What does the name Alaadin mean? Alaadin’s religious background – growing up in Saudi Arabia.
4:01 Censorship of “blasphemous” content in Saudi Arabia. What caused Alaadin to start having doubts
5:29 Tik Tok stream issue
5:54 Back to Alaadin’s doubts – the issues he had with the free will arguments. The “game of chance”. The problem of hell.
10:55 Middle and upper-class Muslims tend to be cultural and not orthodoxy.
13:43 Alaadin’s relationship with the Imam who was teaching the Quran. The “You were not a true Muslim” issue.
18:16 Memorizing the Quran. Alaadin’s favorite Surah and its meaning.
21:21 Treating Muhammad like a demi-god: the gross practice of drinking the water used by the prophet Muhammad for wudu.
22:20 Alaadin’s varsity experience in a foreign country and being exposed to a very diverse group of people.
25:50 Is Alaadin a natural skeptic?
26:53 Would Alaadin describe himself as an atheist or as an agnostic person?
28:25 Defending Islam online and how it ultimately led both Abdullah and Alaadin out of the religion.
31:55 Did Alaadin try to seek help to shore up his faith when he started having doubts? How was that emotional journey like? Living a double life (munafiq) and how it wore down Alaadin.
37:42 How Islam pushes people into living double lives.
41:00 Was leaving Islam relieving for Alaadin? Seeking answers from reliable Islamic sources. WikiIslam and the genetic fallacy that most Muslims use to try to discredit it.
50:25 Christian apologetics against Islam
51:43 The “Oh, you don’t speak Arabic so you can’t know if Islam is false” argument. Was Arabic the best language to give the final revelation?
58:38 The “Oh, the Quran is memorized by many people” argument. Variants in the Quran.
1:02:20 How Alaadin finally realized that he was no longer Muslim.
1:03:53 Channel announcements.
1:04:33 Working on living an authentic life and existential questions.
1:09:17 Moderate Muslims VS Orthodoxy Muslims.
1:10:58 How Abdullah and Alaadin got connected.
1:13:00 What is moderate Islam? Is it a cult? Applying the BITE model to moderate Islam.
1:22:30 People who joined Islam at a later stage in their lives are not as affected by it as the people who were born into Muslim families and grew up Muslims.
1:25:36 Religious trauma especially in kids and how it affected Alaadin.
1:32:46 Is Tharnos better than Allah? The absurdly low chances of getting into heaven. The materialistic view of the Islamic heaven.
1:35:13 How is Alaadin’s life now after leaving Islam? – dealing with nihilism, making a positive impact in the world, dealing with coming out to family members.
1:40:14 Responding to comments in the live chat – Is Abdullah starting a new religion? Humanism.
1:43:55 Advice for ex-Muslims living in Muslim majority countries.
1:50:11 Final remarks.

080 – Interview with Former Mormon Debbie!

Debbie, an Australian ex-Mormon was a faithful, practicing Mormon for 30 years. She left about 12 years ago. now an atheist. In terms of worldview she now considers herself a humanist and finds a lot of value in secular Buddhism

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YouTube version of this episode: :

Here are the time-stamps for this interview:

0:00 Introductions.
1:40 Debbie’s background as a Mormon – how she joined the church.
3:50 What is Mormonism and how it started. Parallels between practicing Islam and practicing Mormonism.
8:30 Polygamy in Mormonism. Joseph Smith’s polygamy and the apologetics that is pushed to make his behavior palatable.
13:17 What does it mean to be sealed to a partner according to the Mormon doctrine? Parallels of this practice with the nikah in Islam.
19:19 Parallels between Muhammad and Joseph Smith – Using religious authority to push personal agendas and to subjugate vulnerable populations in the society.
23:10 How does the church select the prophet/president in Mormonism?
24:25 Is Mormonism a financial pyramid scheme? The corporate structures within the church. The evolution of the church into accepting blacks in the priesthood.
28:58 The impact of money and power in the religion. Revelations.
30:35 Why is it Mormonism allowed polygamy when all other Christian sects reject such a practice? The unique teachings in Mormonism.
34:30 The no true Scotsman fallacy and how rampant it is in religious communities.
40:58 Should we discourage people from holding false beliefs e.g religion? Is religion the only thing stopping people from unleashing all evil?
43:12 What drove Debbie out of Mormonism? The book of Abraham.
46:55 Connection problem.
48:00 Continuation of the discussion on the book of Abraham and the impact it had on Debbie’s faith.
49:50 How do other Mormons compartmentalize this issue of fraudulent scripture. The case of Malcolm X.
53:20 How do Mormons treat ex-Mormons? – The social shunning of apostates. Debbie’s experience after leaving Mormonism.
1:00:10 Final remarks and Debbie’s social media handles.

079 – Personal Update!

In this podcast I discuss the recent events regarding my main YouTube channel as well as my NEW channel that I will be using going forward.

Here is my NEW YouTube channel link:

YouTube version:

Here are the timestamps:

0:38 Introductions
1:00 Update on using other social media platforms- TikTok.
2:15 News about the new channel, the hate strike, and why the main channel was flagged for promoting “hate speech”.
6:20 Shout out to David Wood for his support and other Patreons supporters.
6:39 YouTube Ad income and how it works.
8:00 Tanpa Ragi and how his channel was also affected
8:59 Channel memberships and Patreon.
9:38 First warning on the channel – Hassan Radwan’s video.
10:45 Abdullah’s perspective on the idea of switching platforms. Harris Sultan’s dilemma.
12:14 Responding to the comment section.
12:33 David Wood and how Abdullah views his friendship with him.
15:45 Harris Sultan is a millionaire and how easy it is to become a millionaire in the west.
17:48 Mass flagging of ex-Muslim content. EXMNA’s new focus on activism to influence the legislation and tech companies.
21:08 Abdullah Sameer’s experience on TikTok as well as his user handle
23:00 Responding to comments in the chat: Backing-up content, What happened to John Delvanto?
23:40 Name for the new channel. Working together with people who share common goals even though you do not completely align on values.
25:09 Bitcoin.
25:44 Link to the new channel.
26:01 The common trope by religious people of comparing LGBTQ+ people to pedophiles and rapists. The issue of consent. The flaws of religious morality.
27:35 The self-preserving qualities of religions and how atheist activists are fighting against indoctrination and brainwashing.
29:30 TikTok on whether Muslim women feel oppressed by Islam and the responses from Muslim women.
33:15 Responding to the comment section – Abdullah Gondal, thought on breaking fast movies, clickbait featured images and video titles,
37:27 Responding to the claim “You’re trying to gain fame from the LGBTQ+ community” and that Abdullah left Islam didn’t pray properly.
44:15 Divorce under Islamic law.
45:10 Responding to the comment section: Being an inspiration to younger ex-Muslims and Muslims, people’s assumptions on why Abdullah left Islam, zam-zam water.
46:45 The “You were never a true Muslim” and “You’re a fake ex-Muslim” tropes.
48:47 The Hellfire oxymoron. The ridiculous responses that suit such stupid claims.
51:00 Contributing subtitles.
51:50 Signal boosting the new channel.
52:13 Are Muslim parents cruel when they gamble whether their child will go to heaven or not?
54:35 Muhammad’s biological father – Abdullah.
55:20 Responding to the chat: Alcohol
55:58 Risks of revealing real identities of ex-Muslims – coming out as an ex-Muslim.
58:28 Shout out to Bay Yaqeen.
58:40 Does the Gog and Magog story make Muslims stop and think twice? Quran 18/94-97.
1:04:30 Responding to comments in the chat
1:06:40 Masked Arab’s video on Gog and Magog.
1:08:45 Signal boosting the new channel.
1:09:20 Why are secular people pro-choice?
1:10:24 How about making two channels?
1:10:57 Is the sun setting in the muddy water/ocean is a metaphor, then what does it mean?
1:11:26 The scientific miracles in the Quran narrative. Were these texts meant to be miraculous or just descriptive?
1:14:11 Flat earth and Islam.
1:15:17 Shout out to Dolly.
1:15:34 The problem with the splitting the moon narrative.
1:15:48 Quick recap of the stream.
1:17:22 Upcoming content: an interview with Debbie, response to Farid’s interview of my former friend.
1:20:45 The importance of doubt and intellectual courage. Are Abdullah’s arguments special?
1:21:40 Abdullah’s anecdote of inquiring with a Sufi Imam about the flat earth in the Quran.
1:25:12 Final remarks