035 – A Discussion with Frank Parmir of Muslims for Progressive Values on Perennial Islam, LGBT Rights

I am going to be discussing with my friend Frank Parmir of Muslims for Progressive Values on his attempt to establish an LGBT friendly mosque and how he sees god, the universe, religion, and truth from a perennial perspective.

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034 – Interviewing ex-Muslim refugee in Sweden | Mohamed’s Experiences Leaving And Criticizing Islam

Interview with a Moroccan exmuslim that is currently applying for asylum in Sweden after being attacked for his beliefs.


His first video

033 – Interview with Egyptian Deist and Former Islamic YouTuber Ahmed Sami ​

Interview with former Islamic YouTuber Ahmed Sami. Ahmed is an Egyptian Exmuslim Deist (believes in God but not Allah) and criticizes religion now after a long period of promoting it.

His channel is here

2:05 – Background and why did you start your channel?
9:45 – is it correct that you wanted to help muslims see through the rationality issues that arise from scriptural interpretation?
11:33 – how do salafis/extremists explain/excuse their dogma?
16:38 – is it a weakness of islam that many islamexclusive literal Quran and hadith interpretation purists, rely on the Ancient Greek borrowed concept of Kalam/contingency to prove their deity?
20:35 – how do you view/adhere to irrational literal interpretation of scripture and how should we be interpreting its claims according to you?
33:55 – what is your view on the cover-ups and claims that find their origins in (pre)islamic poetry?
43:52 – do science and logic offer more plausible explanations of the events described in holy islamic scripture and is this a developing phenomenon?
52:06 – why are you a deist and what does this term mean according to you?
1:03:40 – How do you find meaning and purpose in life?
1:12:00 – what is your view on the function of religion and should it continue evolving in terms of morality and happiness?
1:14:10 – is religion a necessity for certain groups of people and what psychological elements may or may not be involved?
1:17:58 – What do you make of the character offensive of muslims towards critics of islam and assumptions pertaining reasons for leaving?
1:25:47 – How are you doing Post-islam and how does philosophy tie into that?
1:30:40 – What is in your view a valid reason to leave islam if needed at all?
1:33:40 – Is the view on islam changing in the Middle-East?
1:36:43 – what do you think of the prophecies of Mohammed?
1:41:26 – Final thoughts/conclusion?

032 – The Psychotic Prophet with Abdullah Gondal

The Neuroscience of Prophethood

20 academic references, 19 case studies/examples, 50+ ahadith/narrations, 4 papers positing Muhammad as an Epileptic. Was Muhammad actually crazy? Were his revelations a result of seizure or psychosis? How can a crazy man give birth to the Islamic civilization? Join Abdullah Gondal and Abdullah Sameer as they analyze Muhammad in light of Neuroscience.

0:00 – Introduction
4:45 – The Neuroscience of Prophethood overview
7:12 – Overview of the brain
9:38 – What is Epilepsy
10:12 – Seizures, Types of Seizures
12:40 – Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
18:41 – Post Ictal Psychosis
22:51 – Case Studies and Academia
1:02:57 – Muhammad’s Childhood and Youth
1:16:18 – The First Revelation
1:33:09 – Condition During Revelation
1:55:32 – General Hallucinations
2:17:25 – The Quran
2:30:00 – Sexual perversions

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031 – How Fay went from Islam to Atheism

Fay really poured out her heart in this live stream. Her story is really something else. What she has gone through to get to where she is now. She speaks well, and with courage and dignity, surviving quite a hell in her own family. In my opinion this is probably the best interview on my channel to date

030 – Live with Ex-Theist Malik Lendell

A discussion on theism and religion with Ex-Theist Malik Lendell

029 – Live with Apostate Prophet

I’m joined by Apostate Prophet (AP) for a livestream to discuss our different approaches and agreements and disagreements.

028 – Interview with Gayle Jordan – An openly atheist woman who ran for senate

I am going to be discussing with Gayle Jordan, a former Southern Baptist who left the faith 12 years ago, became a lawyer, ran for Senate as an open atheist! She is the Executive Director of Recovering from Religion, and the co-founder of NaNoCon and Murfreesboro Freethinkers. She ran for state senate in rural Tennessee in 2016 and 2018 as an open atheist, and faced a profoundly unconstitutional attack on religious liberty. Gayle is an attorney and former personal trainer. She is currently enjoying life in the Pacific Northwest close to her children. She blogs about life, endurance event training, and secularism at Happy. Healthy. Heathen. Check out Recovering from Religion at You can reach her at

027 – Is Islam a personality cult with Abdullah Gondal

We discuss the topic of Is Islam A Personality Cult. Convenient Revelations from Muhammad

026 – Growing Up Gay And Muslim

I speak with the wonderful Jimmy Bangash on his experiences growing up gay in the Muslim community and the pain, self doubt and self hatred caused by Islamic beliefs. You can support Jimmy at

025 – Interview with Pakistani Exmuslim Christian Stephen

How he left Islam, became Christian, left Pakistan. How he fears for his safety even in China.

024 – From Islam to Hinduism

Discussing with Farhan Qureshi on Islam and Hinduism. Subscribe to Farhan at Youtube

022 – Shia Exmuslim Author Ali Rizvi tells his story

Abdullah Sameer speaks to a Pakistani Shia Exmuslim, Author and Doctor. You can find Ali at Twitter here

021 – Abdullah Sameer and Shariq Discuss Leaving Islam

I discuss with my friend Shariq, an Exmuslim, about leaving Islam and a host of related topics: leaving Islam, UK vs Indian Muslim communities, allowing exceptions for religious believers, Secularism, humanism, democracy, pluralism, Fighting dogmatic attitudes, Importance of humour, satire, breaking taboos, Muslim as identity; identity politics in general; Why I don’t like the term Islamophobia while fighting bigotry against Muslims, racism, mocking Islam, skepticism and science, climate change, day of judgement

023 – Interviewing David Wood

I will be speaking to Christian Apologist David Wood. David used to be atheist and at the age of 20 converted to Christianity.

020 – Interview with Saudi Exmuslim Zac Alrayyis In Germany

Interview with Abdulrazzaq (Zac), a Saudi Exmuslim in Germany. He talks about why he decided to stay in Germany, his experiences growing up in Saudi Arabia in a strict conservative religious family, going to Islamic school, not being able to listen to music, and how he ended up leaving Islam. He also speaks about his challenges of his new life in Germany.

019 – How to Engage With Muslims (Abdullah Sameer on The Secular Jihadists)

I was on the “Secular Jihadists” podcast October 4, 2018 with Armin Nabavi and Ali Rizvi. The topic was “How to discuss with Muslims”

Abdullah Sameer is an increasingly popular and influential atheist writer and YouTuber who was once a very religious Muslim. He preached Islam for fifteen years and founded popular Islamic websites like Light Upon Light and VerseByVerseQuran. In 2016, he announced that he left Islam in a controversial video that is now nearing a million views. In this episode we will talk about his background—his father was Ismaili and his mother Sunni—and his story of embracing religion only to leave it. We will talk about his remarkable talent of engaging all kinds of people in constructive dialogue, be they Muslims, ex-Muslims or others. We will also talk about how other ex-Muslims can use platforms like YouTube and blogs to widen this conversation as he has. Don’t miss this!


018 – Stop Hatin’

The need for genuine dialogue between Muslims and Exmuslims with Abdullah Gondal, Abdullah Sameer and special Muslim guest Aziz on the importance of being respectful, tolerant, and some of the hot questions like “Why is slavery in the Quran” or “Can alcohol ever be permitted?”


017 – Glitches in the Matrix

Thoughts & Ideas Episode 2 – When things sometimes pop out of you and make you wonder if reality is the way you thought it is.



016 – Thoughts & Ideas Episode 1

Testimonies, Muhammad and Aisha, Honesty and Nuance in Discussing Islam, Chinese and Burma Human Rights Issues