081 – Interview with Arab Ex-Muslim Alaadin

Alaadin is a former Sunni who lived most of his life in Saudi Arabia. Went from being an enthusiastic, devout Muslim to helping ex-Muslims deal with leaving Islam.

YouTube version of this conversation: https://youtu.be/gqS8XmwQMBw

His YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCUvpcW30kyMJGIgI4LtmkQ

IG: https://www.instagram.com/apostatealaddin/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ApostateAladdin

Here are the time stamps for our conversation:

0:00 Introductions and announcements.
1:40 What does the name Alaadin mean? Alaadin’s religious background – growing up in Saudi Arabia.
4:01 Censorship of “blasphemous” content in Saudi Arabia. What caused Alaadin to start having doubts
5:29 Tik Tok stream issue
5:54 Back to Alaadin’s doubts – the issues he had with the free will arguments. The “game of chance”. The problem of hell.
10:55 Middle and upper-class Muslims tend to be cultural and not orthodoxy.
13:43 Alaadin’s relationship with the Imam who was teaching the Quran. The “You were not a true Muslim” issue.
18:16 Memorizing the Quran. Alaadin’s favorite Surah and its meaning.
21:21 Treating Muhammad like a demi-god: the gross practice of drinking the water used by the prophet Muhammad for wudu.
22:20 Alaadin’s varsity experience in a foreign country and being exposed to a very diverse group of people.
25:50 Is Alaadin a natural skeptic?
26:53 Would Alaadin describe himself as an atheist or as an agnostic person?
28:25 Defending Islam online and how it ultimately led both Abdullah and Alaadin out of the religion.
31:55 Did Alaadin try to seek help to shore up his faith when he started having doubts? How was that emotional journey like? Living a double life (munafiq) and how it wore down Alaadin.
37:42 How Islam pushes people into living double lives.
41:00 Was leaving Islam relieving for Alaadin? Seeking answers from reliable Islamic sources. WikiIslam and the genetic fallacy that most Muslims use to try to discredit it.
50:25 Christian apologetics against Islam
51:43 The “Oh, you don’t speak Arabic so you can’t know if Islam is false” argument. Was Arabic the best language to give the final revelation?
58:38 The “Oh, the Quran is memorized by many people” argument. Variants in the Quran.
1:02:20 How Alaadin finally realized that he was no longer Muslim.
1:03:53 Channel announcements.
1:04:33 Working on living an authentic life and existential questions.
1:09:17 Moderate Muslims VS Orthodoxy Muslims.
1:10:58 How Abdullah and Alaadin got connected.
1:13:00 What is moderate Islam? Is it a cult? Applying the BITE model to moderate Islam.
1:22:30 People who joined Islam at a later stage in their lives are not as affected by it as the people who were born into Muslim families and grew up Muslims.
1:25:36 Religious trauma especially in kids and how it affected Alaadin.
1:32:46 Is Tharnos better than Allah? The absurdly low chances of getting into heaven. The materialistic view of the Islamic heaven.
1:35:13 How is Alaadin’s life now after leaving Islam? – dealing with nihilism, making a positive impact in the world, dealing with coming out to family members.
1:40:14 Responding to comments in the live chat – Is Abdullah starting a new religion? Humanism.
1:43:55 Advice for ex-Muslims living in Muslim majority countries.
1:50:11 Final remarks.

080 – Interview with Former Mormon Debbie!

Debbie, an Australian ex-Mormon was a faithful, practicing Mormon for 30 years. She left about 12 years ago. now an atheist. In terms of worldview she now considers herself a humanist and finds a lot of value in secular Buddhism

Find Debbie on TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@huminous

YouTube version of this episode: : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juQkS32SaKA

Here are the time-stamps for this interview:

0:00 Introductions.
1:40 Debbie’s background as a Mormon – how she joined the church.
3:50 What is Mormonism and how it started. Parallels between practicing Islam and practicing Mormonism.
8:30 Polygamy in Mormonism. Joseph Smith’s polygamy and the apologetics that is pushed to make his behavior palatable.
13:17 What does it mean to be sealed to a partner according to the Mormon doctrine? Parallels of this practice with the nikah in Islam.
19:19 Parallels between Muhammad and Joseph Smith – Using religious authority to push personal agendas and to subjugate vulnerable populations in the society.
23:10 How does the church select the prophet/president in Mormonism?
24:25 Is Mormonism a financial pyramid scheme? The corporate structures within the church. The evolution of the church into accepting blacks in the priesthood.
28:58 The impact of money and power in the religion. Revelations.
30:35 Why is it Mormonism allowed polygamy when all other Christian sects reject such a practice? The unique teachings in Mormonism.
34:30 The no true Scotsman fallacy and how rampant it is in religious communities.
40:58 Should we discourage people from holding false beliefs e.g religion? Is religion the only thing stopping people from unleashing all evil?
43:12 What drove Debbie out of Mormonism? The book of Abraham.
46:55 Connection problem.
48:00 Continuation of the discussion on the book of Abraham and the impact it had on Debbie’s faith.
49:50 How do other Mormons compartmentalize this issue of fraudulent scripture. The case of Malcolm X.
53:20 How do Mormons treat ex-Mormons? – The social shunning of apostates. Debbie’s experience after leaving Mormonism.
1:00:10 Final remarks and Debbie’s social media handles.

079 – Personal Update!

In this podcast I discuss the recent events regarding my main YouTube channel as well as my NEW channel that I will be using going forward.

Here is my NEW YouTube channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCruM3lAiL70HM9seRwPSS4A

YouTube version: https://youtu.be/dqe6E3lDU7o

Here are the timestamps:

0:38 Introductions
1:00 Update on using other social media platforms- TikTok.
2:15 News about the new channel, the hate strike, and why the main channel was flagged for promoting “hate speech”.
6:20 Shout out to David Wood for his support and other Patreons supporters.
6:39 YouTube Ad income and how it works.
8:00 Tanpa Ragi and how his channel was also affected
8:59 Channel memberships and Patreon.
9:38 First warning on the channel – Hassan Radwan’s video.
10:45 Abdullah’s perspective on the idea of switching platforms. Harris Sultan’s dilemma.
12:14 Responding to the comment section.
12:33 David Wood and how Abdullah views his friendship with him.
15:45 Harris Sultan is a millionaire and how easy it is to become a millionaire in the west.
17:48 Mass flagging of ex-Muslim content. EXMNA’s new focus on activism to influence the legislation and tech companies.
21:08 Abdullah Sameer’s experience on TikTok as well as his user handle
23:00 Responding to comments in the chat: Backing-up content, What happened to John Delvanto?
23:40 Name for the new channel. Working together with people who share common goals even though you do not completely align on values.
25:09 Bitcoin.
25:44 Link to the new channel.
26:01 The common trope by religious people of comparing LGBTQ+ people to pedophiles and rapists. The issue of consent. The flaws of religious morality.
27:35 The self-preserving qualities of religions and how atheist activists are fighting against indoctrination and brainwashing.
29:30 TikTok on whether Muslim women feel oppressed by Islam and the responses from Muslim women.
33:15 Responding to the comment section – Abdullah Gondal, thought on breaking fast movies, clickbait featured images and video titles,
37:27 Responding to the claim “You’re trying to gain fame from the LGBTQ+ community” and that Abdullah left Islam didn’t pray properly.
44:15 Divorce under Islamic law.
45:10 Responding to the comment section: Being an inspiration to younger ex-Muslims and Muslims, people’s assumptions on why Abdullah left Islam, zam-zam water.
46:45 The “You were never a true Muslim” and “You’re a fake ex-Muslim” tropes.
48:47 The Hellfire oxymoron. The ridiculous responses that suit such stupid claims.
51:00 Contributing subtitles.
51:50 Signal boosting the new channel.
52:13 Are Muslim parents cruel when they gamble whether their child will go to heaven or not?
54:35 Muhammad’s biological father – Abdullah.
55:20 Responding to the chat: Alcohol
55:58 Risks of revealing real identities of ex-Muslims – coming out as an ex-Muslim.
58:28 Shout out to Bay Yaqeen.
58:40 Does the Gog and Magog story make Muslims stop and think twice? Quran 18/94-97.
1:04:30 Responding to comments in the chat
1:06:40 Masked Arab’s video on Gog and Magog.
1:08:45 Signal boosting the new channel.
1:09:20 Why are secular people pro-choice?
1:10:24 How about making two channels?
1:10:57 Is the sun setting in the muddy water/ocean is a metaphor, then what does it mean?
1:11:26 The scientific miracles in the Quran narrative. Were these texts meant to be miraculous or just descriptive?
1:14:11 Flat earth and Islam.
1:15:17 Shout out to Dolly.
1:15:34 The problem with the splitting the moon narrative.
1:15:48 Quick recap of the stream.
1:17:22 Upcoming content: an interview with Debbie, response to Farid’s interview of my former friend.
1:20:45 The importance of doubt and intellectual courage. Are Abdullah’s arguments special?
1:21:40 Abdullah’s anecdote of inquiring with a Sufi Imam about the flat earth in the Quran.
1:25:12 Final remarks

078 – Interview With Ex-Jehovah’s Witness Jennifer on Women In Religion, Psychedelics and Healing 🍄

Jennifer was a Jehovah’s Witness for over 20 years and is speaking out against the organization after leaving. Her focus is on women’s experiences and healing after leaving high control patriarchal religion. We will be discussing psychedelics as well.

Jennifer’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM_1xV-4FIypF-9cMqC9-Zw

Jennifer’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/notyourvessel

YouTube Version: https://youtu.be/q45UBEgeKLA

077 – Interview with Ex-Fundamentalist Christian Tim

Tim is originally from Seattle, Washington, where he was raised in poverty in the very conservative and extremist Independent Fundamental Baptist sect of protestant Christianity. Due to the fundamentalist sect he had no formal education at all, and was almost entirely self-taught. He left home and the religion at the age of 17, and worked to educate himself, and obtained his GED secondary school qualifications, joined the Navy and later obtained his BA in International Affairs and Political Science. He lived for about ten years in Japan, and learned Japanese as well, and is currently in the American Midwest.

073 – Circus of Islam Part 2 With Veedu Vidz | The Two Abdullahs Call-In Show

Circus of Islam Part 2 With  @Veedu Vidz  | The Two Abdullahs Call-In Show http://abdullahsameer.com/two-abdullahs

072 – Interview with Pashtun Exmuslim Sophia

I’m interviewing Sophia, a young Exmuslim woman from a conservative Deobandi/Salafi background who left Islam and escaped due to life threatening circumstances as a result of apostasy.

Her blog: https://sufiazadi.wordpress.com/

Her Twitter: https://twitter.com/amethystlyy

My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/abdullahsameer

My Support page: http://abdullahsameer.com/support

Join my private mailing list: https://mailchi.mp/030e65c63dc2/new-signup-page

071 – Circus of Islam

Discussing the hilarious and ridiculous things you find in Islam.

Donate at http://abdullahsameer.com/the-two-abdullahs-call-in-show/

YouTube version https://youtu.be/FnwBQsG-hSA

070 – Exmuslim Drama

Coming back to the scene after my channel strike, responding to Muslims accusing me of supporting violence, and then Intro and John

Original: https://youtu.be/BND6bV8LHPk
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065 – Should Exmuslims Criticize Hinduism or Stick to Islam?

A discussion with ex-Muslim Hindu YouTuber @Farhan Qureshi  , ex-Muslim YouTuber @IntrovertedSmiles  , Mukunda of Meru Media (Hindu) to discuss bashing of Hinduism and was it appropriate.

Youtube version

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0:00 Introductions.
1:02 Abdullah’s understanding of Hinduism.
4:10 Farhan’s recap of the sexy kali controversy.
5:05 Mukunda’s recap of the controversy- is it free speech vs religion? Should you comment on issues if not well informed?
7:38 Farhan’s take on the controversy.
10:42 IntrovertedSmiles’s message to Hindus on how to react to controversy.
11:11 Differentiating between Hinduism and Hindutva and cautioning against lumping them together.
11:43 tribalism, Mukunda’s message on how to respond to people exercising free speech
12:30 Hindus drawing parallels between the sex Kali controversy and the BLM movement.
13:17 How the Hindus might be perceiving the controversy (applying historical context)
14:36 Farhan’s response to this charge.
17:13 Hinduism should not be granted special treatment or exempted from criticism and mockery
17:51 Quranic verse regarding ridiculing other idols, Mohammad desecrating idols and temples of other religions.
19:40 worldview that created modern atheism and how it is different from the open atheism in Hindu texts and traditions.
23:37 Ask for help from people who are well versed in a given text/subject. Abdullah shares an anecdote on quoting a portion of the Verda and what he learned from the experience.
25:33 What is the relationship between Hindus and their religious texts? Are the texts divinely inspired?
26:16 Farhan’s response (both from a personal and traditional perspective )
27:32 Mukunda’s response (different schools of thought and tradition in Hinduism including atheism)
31:00 currently there is no room for questioning people and skeptics in Islam although some regions are showing openness towards secularism.
33:40 How should people bypass the “reactionaries” when blaspheming against Hindu gods?
35:40 Why should Hinduism be granted the chance to explain context before people can criticize it?
39:16 How the free speech spaces are different for people in the west compared to Indians in India.
40:10 Thought process for blaspheming (Armin’s reasoning)
42:25 Was it okay to post the photo of the goddess Kali?
42:45 Farhan’s response (Silent majority vs reactionaries)
44:01 Proportionality in the response by the Hindus
44:50 Mukunda’s response
46:34 Why are Hindus largely for the desecration of the Quran but not their gods?
48:14 Is it just tribalism or there is more to the Hindu response? (Anti-muslim sentiments)
50:16 Can we make an equivalence of Hindutva and Islams or Salafism? (conservatism and nationalism)
53:12 Blasphemy and Free speech in India (court cases against Armin)
56:03 Article 295 (Anti-religious sentiment law in India)
57:48 Should we be worried by the online response or should we count on the silent majority for the safety of blasphemers.
1:01:25 Are Hindus offended by the blasphemer’s identity more than the intent of the person? (historical context).
1:04:01 Why cling on to the past? ( Ultranationalist sentiments)
1:05:36 How the current civil/ family law structuring might be contributing to the animus between Hindus and Muslims.
1:07:53 Context in which desecrating the Quran and blasphemy is a better form of protest
1:11:36 Farhan’s perspective on desecrating the Quran.
1:12:44 Creating spaces for reasonable criticism.
1:15:55 Farhan’s response to the argument of creating safe spaces for more criticism
1:19:37 Mukunda’s response
1:22:37 How this controversy exposed people’s bigotry
1:26:33 The need for “western type” of secularism in India, a brief history of Indian secularism.
1:28:42 Indian heritage inherently Hindu and hence the need to consider this as a historical aspect.
1:30:39 Announcements and guest youtube channel details.
1:33:55 Beef ban in India.
1:37:05 Antimuslim bigotry towards Uyghurs
1:40:43 Would you like to live in a Sharia state or under CCP?
1:41:20 What Darshanas are followed by Farhan and Mukunda?
1:42:30 Mukunda’s final remarks
1:42:45 IntrovertedSmiles final remarks
1:43:36 Farhan’s final remarks
1:44:30 Abdullah’s final remarks.

064 – Interview with Exmuslim Rosse (Fatally Honest) from Singapore

I interview Singapore exmuslim Rosse (Fatally Honest) on coming out to her parents, taking off hijab, leaving Islam, and her apostasy.

Youtube Version

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063 – Interview with Exmuslim John DelVento Part 2

I interviewed John for the second time now. We spoke on a wide range of topics including Christianity vs Islam, his journey to Pakistan, bashing religion, the positive parts of Islam vs the negative parts, the bad things America has done, banning hijab, bigotry against Muslims, the Islamic golden age, Sufism, and the Hindutva who have been attacking us on Twitter online.

Youtube version

Part 1 was Episode 59 (on Youtube as well)

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062 – DAWAGEDDON – Quran Holes, Qadhi, Hijab, Apostate Prophet, Ali Dawah, Farid Leaks and More!

DAWAGEDDON – Quran Holes, Qadhi, Hijab, Apostate Prophet, Ali Dawah, Farid Leaks, Sweden, Burning Quran and more

Youtube version

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